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Many members of the Wacuco Kuna tribe rely on producing coffee as a source of income. When supplies and resources are either inadequate or scarce, and education is limited, producing coffee is an extremely challenging venture for the Wacuco Kuna people. Therefore, it has become our mission to raise the capital necessary to provide the community with resources to facilitate their coffee production process. These resources will drastically increase production and efficiency of their current process and provide a more sustainable business solution.

The community has an enduring passion and drive to grow their current coffee production. They acknowledge that an established coffee business will provide income and jobs for their people and future generations. They recognize the sense of security coffee can bring to their people. Unfortunately, drive and passion alone cannot change their current situation. It is only after the lack of resources is addressed that the community can thrive. A donation to Café de Kuna can provide the Wacuco Kuna people with educational workshops, equipment and a greenhouse; resources needed to grow their current production process. You can make their dreams a reality. You can be an agent of change.

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